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About our website

Welcome to our new redesigned website!
Thank you for visiting our website. Please note that some of the contents are still under development but others are already available.
The new website is divided into three sections: one for films and film reviews where we mainly show trailers and news about upcoming or newly released movies, mostly action or martial arts related. Along with them educational and instructional videos, also historical documentaries as well as interviews with notable people. The second part is designated for fans with more information, pictures, behind the scene footages from movies and also includes a discussion forum. Since a large part of our fans are martial artists and those who are interested in the martial arts we are also developing pages in these. If you're a martial artist, a fan of martial arts, martial arts movies or simply just want to know more about martial arts you soon will be able to view these pages as well. The last section of the site is desidnated for filmmakers and those interested or working in film industry. Whether you're a professional, a beginner or just want to know more about film making, these pages are designed to assist you. As with all of our sections this part also features a discussion forum.

Film Reviews

One of the major purposes of our website is dedicated for reviewing movies particularly focusing on action and martial arts movies. Along with the latest upcoming films we occasionally view some of the timeless classics as well as other movies. Also interesting documentaries and interviews are presented as information and entertainment. You can see your favorite star or how your favorite movie was created and part of our official YouTube channel is designated for this part, here we post movie trailers, interviews and documentaries. Please visit it here: Trailers and Interviews

More documentaries are listed here: Documentaries and History
Our movie discussion forum can be found here: Movie Forum


Another part of our website will be dedicated for the fans. On these pages you will be able to find more information, pictures, behind the scene images, footage and interviews with stars and those who make the films.
As a large part of our audiences and fans are martial artists or those interested in these arts we dedicated a part of our website just for them. On these pages we will provide a brief introduction and review of martial art history and culture as well as the different major styles. From the traditional arts to the most current and modern combative arts and contact sports are introduced here. Part of these pages also deal with traditional healing as these were commonly practiced by the masters in the past: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and other healing modalities used in past times will be introduced.
Part of our YouTube channel is dedicated to the martial artists here: Martial Arts

Filmmakers' pages

The filmmaker's pages are being developed for filmmakers or those who are simply interested in the art of film making. On these pages filmmakers and fans will be able to read news, events and information about the latest in film making. As part of our efforts on these pages we'll also support small studios, independent filmmakers and those working in the film industry to give them an opportunity to present their work and creations to a global audience.
We are also creating a member's only area that will be restricted to access by members. If you prefer you can become a member and have access to the private discussion area.
Part of our YouTube channel is dedicated for the filmmakers: Film making

For Advertisers

We also have opportunities for advertisers to display your products or offer your services on our site. If you would like to advertise on our website please go to our Advertiser info page for more information and contact us. Thank you!


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