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Welcome to our new redesigned website
Thank you for visiting and participating on our website where we are now introducing new things. Some of the contents of the website are still under development but some are already available for your view, we hope you enjoy!

After careful consideration and research we decided that in order to serve you as our visitor and guest the best we are setting up three different yet closely related parts on our website: the firs part is dedicated to introducing and reviewing new movies, focusing on action and martial arts movies as well as historical documentaries and interviews. Although the main focus is to review upcoming or newly released movies, from time to time we will also present some of the timeless classics that captured audiences all around the world. We hope you enjoy this feature!
Second, as a large number of our fans and visitors are martial artists or martial arts movie fans we began the process of developing a part of our website to them. In this part we'll introduce the major martial art styles devided by countries and their different regions. Their characteristics, culture and history will also be introduced here. Whether you are a beginner and novice martial artist you will find information on the traditional as well as the more modern combative arts and styles, and contact sports as well. And as with all of our sections this part also has a discussion forum setup where you can discuss facts, ask questions or just talk with others. Scroll down to the Martial Arts section below and find the forum link, by cliking on it you can join the new Martial Arts Forum.
As many of our clients and visitors are also filmmakers and those who are working in the media industry we are dedicating a large part on our site for film making. In this part we will be dealing with the ins and outs of film making and giving filmmakers a place to share their thoughts and find more information. You may visit and read articles here or join the Filmmakers Forum to discuss ideas.


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Because our website is visited from over 50 countries around the world we created and currently support our site and forums in the English language. Please use the English language if you are commenting on any of our sites or forums. If you need help with translation we suggest to use any online translators such as Google Translate or any other translators you prefer. You may also ask questions on the Forum where others or one of our moderators can help you.

Movie Reviews

One of the major purposes of our website is dedicated for reviewing movies particularely focusing on action and martial arts (wu xia) movies. Along with the latest upcoming films we occasionally view some of the timeless classics as well as other movies. Also interesting documentaries and interviews are presented as information and entertainment. You can see your favorite star or how your favorite movie was created. Part of our YouTube channel is designated for movie trailers and interviews related to films. Please visit here: Trailers and Interviews

More documentaries are listed here: Documentaries and History
Our movie discussion forum can be found here: Movie Forum

Martial arts

As a large part of our audiences and fans are martial artists and those interested in these arts we dedicated a part of our site just for them. On these pages we provide a brief introduction and review of martial art history and culture and the different major styles are also described in brief details here. From the traditional arts to the most current and modern cobative arts and contact sports are introduced here. Part of this page also deals with traditional healing as these were commonly practiced by the masters in the past. Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and other therapies used in past times are also introduced.

Part of our YouTube channel is dedicated to the martial artists. Visit: Martial Arts
The Martial Arts Forum is located here: Martial Arts Forum

Filmmakers' pages

The filmmaker's pages are being developed for filmmakers, fans or those who are simply interested in the art of film making. On these pages filmmakers and fans will be able to read news, events and information about the latests in film making. As part of our efforts on these pages we'll also support small studios and independent filmmakers to give them an opportunity to present their work and creations to a global audience. As our website is internationally recognized site visited by thousands from around the world we would like to give small studios and independent filmmakers to gain an edge in advancing in a very competitive field. We are setting up a page that will be dedicated just to them and their work to be see by many others.

Part of our YouTube channel is dedicated for the filmmakers here: Film making
The Filmmakers Forum is located here: Filmmakers Forum

We also encourage everyone to join any or more of our forums created for each part of our website and participate in any discussion and learn more. Feel free to signup at as many as you'd like!

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Centuries of Chinese influence and 150 years of colonial rule has given Hong Kong a flourishing arts scene


  • Jet Li to star in upcoming Hong Kong/Chinese fantasy 3D movie
  • The 28th European Film Awards will be held in Berlin Germany
  • Ip Man 3 coming to theaters this Christmas
  • Donnie Yen is rumored to join Star Wars cast in future episode

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