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Our film review pages feature trailers, information and reviews on the latest or upcoming action or martial arts movies, long with them occasionally also featuring and discussing some of the timeless classics that stood the test of time. Click below to enter these pages and see what's new ...


18 Mar - 1 Apr 2019
Hong Kong, China

Join us on the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival, the largest cultural event in Hong Kong


  • Venom kept climing to high levels on the all-time box office list in China
  • Aquaman becomes the biggest DC superhero film of all time in China
  • Checkered Ninja has set a new record for Danish film’s opening at local box office
  • Disney finalizing aquisition of 21st Century Fox

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As a large part of our fans are martial artists and those involved or interested in martial arts we are creating these pages for them. Brief introductions and description of the major martial arts styles, their history and philosophy are described on these pages. We also opened a discussion forum that anyone can join ...

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The film making pages are designed for the film makers and those working in the motion picture industry. Wether you're a seasoned filmmaker, a beginner or simply just would like to know more about film making these pages are for you. Directors, producers, composers, writes, set builders or anyone interested in about film making these pages are for you ...