F i l m     T e r m i n o l o g y

  This page is created to assist understanding of some of the terminology used in film making

Art Director

Manages art department, creating and setting up the production sets.

Assistant Director

Manages the shooting schedule, logistics and other tasks, different AD are responsible for different tasks.

Casting Director

Recruits the actors and actresses during an audition.


Designs the action or fight scenes and works mainly with the stunt doubles.


Creates music for the film.

Costume Designer

Creates clothing for the characters, works closely with actors.


The director is the primary responsible person to translate the story to the screen.

Director of Audiography

Responsible for the sounds, sound designer and sound editing.

Director of Photography

Supervises the principal photography of the film, sets up and direct cameras and usually directs and in charge of the camera crew.

Editor (film)

The film editor works with the raw footage, selecting shots and combines them into sequences which create a finished motion picture. A film editor must creatively work with the layers of images, story, dialogue, music, pacing, as well as the actors' performances to effectively "re-imagine" and even rewrite the film to craft a cohesive whole.

Location Manager

Finds the location for filming, this could be outdoor or a remote indoor location. Location managers rent spaces and setup times for shooting. This person also often assist with setting up the security and safety of location where filming takes place.

Makeup Artist and Hair Designer

Works with the custom designer creating a certain look for the character.


Responsible for presenting the film to financial investors, oversees the budget of the movie, recruits screenwriters and other staff for the movie, also helps finding resources needed for the picture.

Production Designer

Creates visual conception of the film, works with the art director.

Production Sound Mixer

Head of the sound department during the production. Records and mixes audio – including the dialogues on the set; generally works with the boom operator.


Develops the script for the picture, which could be an original idea or an already existing story that is translated to a movie.


Story translated to motion picture format, consist mainly the dialogues for the actors, notes locations, times and other details.

Script Supervisor

Ensures the continuity of the filming, making sure details from set to set follow properly. Script supervisors closely work with the director and supervisors of other departments such as sound or photography.

Sound Designer

Creates the aural concept of the film, works with the supervising sound editor.

Story Board Artist

Creates a visual concept of the film (this saves a lot of time and money, however some directors prefer not to create a story board).

Unit Production Manager

Manages production budget and schedule. Reports to studio executives and/or financiers of the film.
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